Here’s ThoughtVomette transitioning from sobs to ecstacy in the time it takes me to grimace my schlong into her poopshoot.

This is from one of our webcam shows. Coincidentally, we’re about to sign in to do shows again right now. Click here to come and say hello. Conversation is free!


I’m live on http://KinkLive.com with Nenetl (AKA ThoughtVomette on tumblr) right now - come hang out and chat! We won’t make you pay monies if you’re nice. ;-p



"I so want to sealed like that, begging for air, peeing myself in fear. Someone do that to me ASAP"

🌊 m&f

Oh check it out, somebody downloaded these gifs I made, then made a new post out of them. Instead of, y’know, hitting reblog. Just so I wouldn’t show as the original poster, or something? I don’t know. It’s really very confusing. *eyeroll*

The light and the dark side of Alexandra Potter.

Such kitt(y/ies)!

Click through to the fullsize images - they make great desktop wallpaper!

(courtesy of Marcus Gloger)

Gorgone and Loki.

(source video is here, and quite beautiful it is too)

Amelie Perv is fuckin’ smokin’. Like, really. Look at this shit. Dang. Pretty collar, too!

(via SYB)

Do the Vibrams kill it? I Feel like maybe the Vibrams kill it.

No, not in the good way.

(courtesy of learn2walk.com)

From the now defunct AFetishPage.

(click the name if you don’t believe me, it’s totally defuncted).

…Can I get this kind of treatment on Obamacare?


Kumi Monster in red latex for FetishLive.

It just… Seemed like it needed to be giffed, okay?