Do the Vibrams kill it? I Feel like maybe the Vibrams kill it.

No, not in the good way.

(courtesy of

From the now defunct AFetishPage.

(click the name if you don’t believe me, it’s totally defuncted).

…Can I get this kind of treatment on Obamacare?


Kumi Monster in red latex for FetishLive.

It just… Seemed like it needed to be giffed, okay?

Classic insex.

Marquis Media’s “The White Room” was absolutely seminal. An unashamedly pornographic latex fetish movie shot with an artistic eye, in the early 90’s. It served and continues to serve as inspiration for an entire generation of pervographers. I could make gifs from this movie for dayyys…

(It’s available to download in the Marquis section of Kink on Demand, and you should totally check it out).

People doing unusual things in latex part ?

Courtesy of Project L.

Is this girl skateboarding in a latex catsuit and corset paired with fucking Vibrams?

…I don’t even.

(kinda dope though tbh)


Bitch, behave!

LezDom January Seraph shows Adrienne Manning who’s boss.

Shot by Ed Fox of for

So I’ve been making some gifs for January Seraph to post up on her blog, and this little set is some of the fruit of my labours. They turned out pretty hot, but that’s not difficult when I’m working with such great source material! Go follow her tumblr.


Shot by Ed Fox, with Damon Pierce playing the creeper, for my site,

I feel like somebody should have let you know there was a dildoninja sitting right there when you were filming this.

Oh, that moment.

That click.



Where were we again?

(moving images courtesy of Restrained Elegance)